Friday Night Funkin MODs – Download FNF MODs (NEW WEEKS)

Friday Night Funkin MODs add new content and improvements to FNF that will give a better game experience to the players. We recomend to download and install these MODs, is super simple and will allow you to face new opponents, try new songs and improve the general game options among others.

FNF mods
In-game image of VS Whitty, one of the best FNF MODs out there

As the development of the game is going quite slow (they are a small team) and the game is quite simple to modify, many players have jumped into designing their own content for Friday Night Funkin’. By now, any experienced FNF player knows that MODs are an endless source of free content for the game.

Reminder: Friday Night Funkin’ is a free game, and its MODs are completely lawful and legal, so files linked from FNFunkin are unofficial (but legal) reversions or modifications of the original game.

Download Friday Night Funkin MODs

At FNFunkin we compile the most outstanding MODs for FNF, so you can easily find the MODs with the highest quality and best content.

What are the best MODs for Friday Night Funkin’?

As we have already mentioned, the best MODs for FNF are, with some exceptions, MODs that add at least one new character and a new song. Although it has a certain grace to change a Skin in the game, what really has value is to be able to access new songs and, therefore, to new confrontations that give us more hours of play.

There are already a few MODs of Friday Night Funkin that have earned a place among the best, and little by little new MODs are emerging to join this list. As of today, the best options for modding FNF are as follows:

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All these MODs have been selected for having excellent quality, but it doesn’t mean that there are not others that are worthwhile.

What is a Friday Night Funkin’ MOD and what is it for?

There are so many MODs for FNF that it is difficult to describe them all in one sentence, but we can distinguish them in different categories, to organize them according to the functions they incorporate. These are the categories in which the MODs published in can be classified:

  • Skins: they only edit the appearance of one or more characters within the game, but do not add any additional functions. This category has its own page, where you can download the best Friday Night Funkin skins
  • Weeks: these MODs focus on adding both new skins and new songs, bringing it all together in a new week that they add to the game (or replace an existing one). They are generally the most sought-after MODs and the ones with the highest quality, as they are as close as possible to an FNF update. There are great gems within this category.
  • Tweaks: Although there are few MODs in this category, it is important to name it as there are several good options that add a good list of improvements to the original game, which are very interesting for those who want to be FNF experts.
  • Maps: These MODs are also uncommon. They focus on editing the appearance of the different maps on which the clashes happen in FNF (the maps are basically a background).

Download more FNF MODs

Here you can find all the MODs published on our website. All of them are free and are easily installed on Windows (some of them don’t even need to be installed, as they have their own executable).