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FNF VS Yourself Credits

Category Credits
big people
Sturm/Churgney Gurgney Director/Composer
SPACENAUTICA Co-Director/Artist
Aperatus 3D Artist
Dahleag 3D Artist/Animator
LectroA 3D Artist/Animator
undyinrose Artist
Meh Artist/Animator
Stonesteve Artist/Animator
Zinkk99 Artist/Animator
Marco Antonio Artist/Animator
iseta Artist/Animator
Re_Thinkin Animator
Triki Troy Artist
scrumbo_ BG Art
FranksPole Charter/Audio Design
Neutroa Composer
phantasmuh Composer
TapWater Composer
wrathstetic Assistant Lyricist
Lymphh Assistant Lyricist
Decoy Programmer
DuskieWhy Programmer
data5 Programmer
CumiNashe Sound Design
goofe3 Charter
VanillaaVani Artist
RedTV53 Composer
elizabethaiko Artist/Animator
duccly Composer
Ironik0422 Composer
Bonker34 Artist/Animator
Other guys
Razencro Cycles Encore Sprites
Joedoughboi Cycles Encore Sprites
AdjDraws Cycles Encore Sprites
PoorlyDrawnGaming Gassy Piracy Sonic
Doorknob Designer of Yourself
Divide Designer of Yourself
h0nkish Creator of Subterfuge, Inspiration for Billy Silly

Introduces Silly Billy, a standout track where Boyfriend faces an alternate universe version of himself. This mirror matchup adds a twist to the gameplay, as you not only battle against Yourself but also encounter a Girlfriend version from the alternate universe, creating a unique 2-on-1 dynamic.

During the Silly Billy song, players experience innovative gameplay elements such as switching perspectives and interactive lyrics parts where the alternate Girlfriend joins the musical fray. This adds layers of complexity and engagement, enhancing the player’s experience. Additionally, the mod features new songs like Cars Little Song and The Power of Pig.