VS Whitty FULL WEEK v1.4.2 (Ballistic Update) – Download

VS Whitty is one of the best MODs of Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) that have been created to date, as it allows us to add a new week to the game with a new opponent (Whitty) and 3 new songs. Downloading is installing this MOD is very simple and will give you access to new quality content for the game, with new unpublished challenges that are inaccessible from the original version.

vs whitty fnf mod

The good thing about VS Whitty is that it not only adds content to the game, it also tweaks small details such as the keys used to play, changing WASD for DFJK, which is much more comfortable to play FNF at a high level. In addition, it also includes a new engine that is based on the engines of other rhythm games, which the developer (KadeDev), believes are more suitable for this game.

If you think we’re done, you’re wrong, because one of the best new features included in VS Whitty MOD for Friday Night Funkin is yet to be discussed: the replays system. This MOD includes a replays system that will save a replay every time we complete a week (when we lose the battle it will not be saved). It is still under development, and may have some bugs, but it already works quite well.

Update v1.4.2 (05/24/2021) – The MOD has been updated to Kade Engine version 1.4.2, and the song Ballistic has received a rechart and remix. According to the developers, this is the true version of Ballistic as they intended.

What’s included in VS Whitty FNF MOD?

  • New character: VS Whitty.
  • New additional week to the game: Bonus (week 7)
  • 3 new songs with new scores.
  • New keys to play: WASD > DFJK
  • New engine
  • New replays system (still under construction, but can already be used)
  • New score system (still under construction, but can already be used).

Latest VS Whitty MOD updates

  • v1.4.2 – Kade engine & Ballistic Remaster.
  • v.1.2.3 – New replays system.
  • v.1.2.2 – Fix to week 3.

Download Friday Night Funkin VS Whitty MOD

MOD Name VS Whitty
Game Friday Night Funkin
Size 190MB
Developers KadeDev, sock.clip, Nate Anim8
Version 1.4.2
Date 24/05/2021
Open Download Links
Link – DownloadOption 2

How to install VS Whitty MOD

You just need to unzip the downloaded file and click on the executable containing the resulting folder, as this MOD does not need to be installed on the original game.

Trailer and Review of VS Whitty MOD for Friday Night Funkin

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