FNF Baddies: Nightmare Spin Off – Play Online & Download MOD


FNF VS Baddies: Nightmare is an official Spin-Off of the well-known MOD FNF Baddies, in which we will be able to have access to new exclusive confrontations. In this new title, BF is replaced by Jazz, who will be the one we control during all the confrontations against Stalker and his different evolutions. The MOd includes several high quality cinematics, not to mention that all the content is of tremendous quality (backgrounbds, songs, charts, custom menu…).

Undoubtedly, one of the great novelties in the scene today, which shows us the potential of the great team of modders who are responsible for developing it. We will be attentive to new releases of FNF Baddies and his team, as they have positioned themselves as one of the best sagas today.