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Friday Night Funkin’ is a new Rythm Game for PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) that can be downloaded for free and offers a lot of interesting songs and characters, plus a whole story behind each of them. It is a game that in recent months has gained tremendous popularity, largely thanks to the community of modders and players that has been created around FNF.

As of today, and after the release of Week 7, we are all waiting for more news about Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game. It’s been a few months since we’ve received any news, so interesting news, such as the release of Week 8 of FNF, must be on the horizon. In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with the MODs, which bring us fresh, quality FNF content on a daily basis.

Friday Night Funkin

What is Friday Night Funkin’ and how is it played?

It is a game in which we will have 4 different “notes” or keys to play, and a “score” that will tell us which key to play and when, always following the rhythm of the music. The game consists of different “stages”, called weeks, in which we will have to face different opponents, being Daddy Dearest (the father of the protagonist’s girlfriend), the first of them all. There are a total of 6 official weeks in the game, each one more difficult than the previous one.

How to download Friday Night Funkin’ for PC Windows & Android for free

Luckily, FNF is available for numerous platforms and is free on all of them. Here we leave you the download links:

Download FNF for Windows 7, 8 & 10

Download FNF for Android (APK)

Download FNF for Mac

Download FNF for Linux

Download the best FNF Resources & Content

You can visit some of our best sections, where you can find lots and lots of additional content for FNF of all kinds. The amount of variety that exists today for the game is incredible.

At we will be collecting all the FNF content worthwhile, so you can have hours and hours of free content in one place.

How to play Friday Night Funkin Online (FNF Unblocked)

It is known as FNF Unblocked to all versions of the game that can be played online from the browser. On our website you can play the original version of the game and different MODs of FNF Unblocked from your browser, without having to download the game files to your PC.

Play FNF Mods Online (Unblocked)

Friday Night Funkin’ FAQs & Wiki – Frequently Asked Questions

How many weeks is Friday Night Funkin'?
Currently, and after the latest release, the game has a total of 7 weeks, each with several songs.
How to download new weeks for Friday Night Funkin'?
Although it is a game that is still incomplete, the large community behind it has ensured that it has new fresh content every day for months now. As of today, the game is most popular and played by these MODs. To add new weeks it’s as simple as heading to our FNF MODs section and choosing the one you like the most.
How can I change the keys in Friday Night Funkin'?
Being a game that is in its early stages of development, it doesn’t even include an option to change the original keys that come by default. The solution to this problem, like many others, is solved by using MODs for the game, in this case new Engines like Kade Engine. Anyway, almost all quality MODs include the function to change the keys in FNF in the options menu.
How can I play FNF with 6 and 9 keys?
Although the original game is only played with 4 keys, there are some options that allow us to add new keys and, therefore, more difficulty to the game. The most famous way to play the game with 6 and 9 keys is to play Shaggy’s MOD, which is also one of the most popular (and difficult) that exist.
How to play FNF Multiplayer? Is it possible to play Friday Night Funkin' 1v1?
For now it is not a feature available in the game, but it is already planned as one of the inclusions in the future The Full Ass Game. Likewise, as of today we already have several tools at our disposal that allow us to play Friday Night Funkin in multiplayer mode, both in 1v1 and TcT. FNF VS and FNF Multiplayer are the 2 best options today (but not the only ones)
How to play Friday Night Funkin' Online?
Although the original game is only available for PC, being open source, users have managed to create HTML5 versions, which can be played online from the browser, without the need to download the game files at any time.
Who are the developers of Friday Night Funkin'?
The game is being developed by Ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, Kawai Sprite and evilsk8r. Each has their own roles, and make up the development team for the original version of the game.
When will FNF The Full Ass Game be released? (Release Date)
There is no confirmed release date yet. The initial Kickstarter of the project was a success, so what is confirmed is that the final version is going to be a blast.