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Friday Night Funkin’ is the game trend of the moment, in which you have to face different opponents (the father and mother of your girlfriend, among others) in musical battles in the style of other famous games like Guitar Hero. As you can imagine, since it’s not the most elaborate game in the world either, it’s a free game, and can be downloaded for almost any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android).

What is Friday Night Funkin’ and how to play it?

It is a game in which we will have 4 “notes” or different keys to play, and a “score” that will indicate us which key we should play and when, always following the rhythm of the music. The game consists of different “stages”, called weeks, in which we will have to face different opponents, being Daddy Dearest (the father of the protagonist’s girlfriend), the first of them all. There are a total of 6 official weeks in the game, each one more difficult than the previous one.

Friday Night Funkin

This game is not quite finished yet, so many of us players are waiting for new updates that will bring new features such as Week 7, for example. It should be emphasized that the developers of the game did not expect at any time the popularity it is having, so it is designed in a hurry as a weekend project that arose for fun. Anyway, there are a lot of MODs for Friday Night Funkin that add a lot of fresh content to the game, and many of them are quite worthwhile.

How to download Friday Night Funkin

Luckily, FNF is available for numerous platforms and is free on all of them. Here we leave you the download links:

Download unreleased content for FNF

You can visit some of our best sections, where you can find lots and lots of additional content for FNF of all kinds. The amount of variety that exists today for the game is incredible.

At we will be collecting all the FNF content worthwhile, so you can have hours and hours of free content in one place.

How to play Friday Night Funkin Online (FNF Unblocked)

It is known as FNF Unblocked to all versions of the game that can be played online from the browser. On our website you can play the original version of the game and different MODs of FNF Unblocked from your browser, without having to download the game files to your PC.

Link – FNF Week 7

MOD Menu Link – FNF Unblocked Online