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FNF VS Nonsense

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Nonsense is a new MOD for FNF that stands out mainly for a new mechanic in which the cinematics between songs will change depending on the percentage of life we have. This gives rise to numerous possibilities in the story, as there are 3 different versions (75% life, 50% and 35%).

FNF VS Nonsense contains 4 new songs for the game, which offer a quite entertaining gameplay, with a low/medium difficulty in its gameplay. The truth is that, although it is not a MOD that lags behind in this aspect, this detail is not what makes it stand out the most.

What really differentiates V.S. Nonsense FNF MOD from many other MODs are its cinematics, which have narrations and several easter eggs and are quite funny. In addition, as we have mentioned, the cinematics can vary depending on the percentage of life we have. The graphical/aesthetic quality of the MOD is pretty basic, but it is very well worked and looks quite polished.

VS Nonsense FNF MOD

As we have already commented, the new mechanic that offers us different cinematics depending on our life at that moment is the most interesting detail, since we had not seen it in other MODs so far (yes we had seen different endings depending on the life bar, but no cinematics between songs).

FNF VS Nonsense 2.0 Demo Update

Before the arrival of 2022 we have had a big surprise to say goodbye to the year and VS Nonsense has undergone a major update, specifically it is the demo version of Nonsense 2.0. To begin with we must say that among other things 3 new songs are brought to this MOD, in addition to different graphical improvements both ingame, as in the menus and home screen. So get ready to embark on a completely renewed adventure through FNF VS Nonsense 2.0.

New features of VS Nonsense FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • New opponent: Nonsense
  • 7 new songs
  • New cinematics

Download VS Nonsense for Friday Night Funkin’

Open Download Links

Link x64 – DownloadOption 2

X32 link – DownloadOption 2

Nonsense 2.0 Demo – DownloadOption 2

Latest VS Nonsense updates

  • v1.3 – New bonus track: Nonsensical.
  • v1.2 – Improvements in the cinematics.
  • v1.1 – Small update with some improvements. Now the cinematics will change based on accuracy, and not life.
  • v1.0 – Full Week version.