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FNF VS No More Innocence

FNF Silly Billy VS Hit Single (Yourself) Credits

Role Name
Big People
Director/Composer Sturm/Churgney Gurgney
Co-Director/Artist SPACENAUTICA
3D Artist Aperatus, Dahleag, LectroA
Artist undyinrose, Meh, Stonesteve, Zinkk99, Marco Antonio, Triki Troy, iseta
Animator Dahleag, LectroA, Meh, Stonesteve, Zinkk99, Marco Antonio, iseta, Re_Thinkin
Music and Sound
Composer Neutroa, phantasmuh, TapWater
Sound Design CumiNashe
Charter/Audio Design FranksPole
Programmer Decoy, data72
Support Roles
Assistant Lyricist wrathstetic, Lymphh
Sprites and Designs
Cycles Encore Sprites Razencro, Joedoughboi, AdjDraws
Other Contributions
PoorlyDrawnGaming (gassy piracy sonic)

Friday Night Funkin’ VS No More Innocence plunges players into a high-stakes narrative where Daddy Dearest becomes the protagonist in a desperate bid to rescue Baby Girlfriend. This mod stands out for its intense storytelling, brought to life through engaging cutscenes and the challenging “NMI Fakebaby” song from Hit Single Real’s latest update. The mod takes a dark twist, with NMI emerging as a formidable adversary who has kidnapped Baby Girlfriend, setting the stage for an epic showdown.

The lore, presented at the beginning of the video, adds depth to the mod, enriching the player’s experience by framing the musical battle as more than just a series of notes to hit but as a critical mission for Daddy Dearest. The modchart is described as tricky, hinting at the complexity and challenge awaiting players, demanding precision, timing, and perhaps a bit of strategy to overcome.

“NMI’s” taunts add a layer of antagonism to the mod, creating a more immersive and personal experience for the player. It’s clear the creators have woven a narrative that’s not just dark but filled with tension and urgency, pushing players to not just engage with the mod but to feel invested in the outcome of the battle. The call to “download the real epic” in a “realm where no one hears you” adds a mysterious allure to the mod, enticing players with the promise of an epic adventure that lies in wait.