FNF VS Digital Circus – Play Online & Download MOD

FNF VS Lobotomy Dash: Fire in the Hole

The Amazing Digital FUNKIN is a MOD of Friday Night Funkin’ inspired by Digital Circus, the cartoon series that has gained so much popularity in recent months. In FNF VS Digital Circus we will be able to face Ponmi, Caine and Jax, three of the most characteristic characters of the animated series.

The MOD received its V2 update a few months ago, in which one of its songs (Digitalizing) was almost completely updated. In total, you can enjoy a total of 6 songs, and face 4 different opponents. The most popular song of the MOd is “Digitalizing”, the only one in which BF faces Ponmi.

FNF Digital Circus is undoubtedly one of the best releases of the last months. Despite not having a large amount of content compared to other well-known big ones, the popularity of the series in which it is inspired makes many users have been encouraged to try it.

PS: This is not the only Digital Circus MOD available for FNF, although it is the most popular to date.