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FNF Goodbye World

FNF VS Slendytubbies Credits:

Contributor(s) Role/Contribution
ninja_muffin99 Programming
PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r Artists
kawaisprite Tasty Music
Kade Dev Kade Engine Development
All GitHub contributors Various contributions to the source code

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Slendytubbies, a mod that resurrects the eerie atmosphere of the Zeoworks pentalogy, combining the innocent world of Teletubbies with the chilling lore of Slenderman. This mod introduces a unique gameplay mechanic with a “caught” meter that fills up as you play. If the meter tops out, you’re caught, but you can press space up to five times to lower it, adding a strategic layer to the rhythm battles.

Set against the backdrop of a massacre in Teletubby Land, this mod offers a narrative twist where the Teletubbies are forced into a macabre situation, expressing their horror and fear through singing. “Funkin In The Massacre Night” beckons players to reexperience the terror Slendytubbies once instilled, taking on the role of White Tubbie to navigate the desolate forests of Tubbyland. Your mission is to survive the onslaught of Tinky Winky’s attacks, using your voice as your primary weapon.

The mod doesn’t just stop at reimagining the Slendytubbies saga for FNF players; it extends an invitation to explore further challenges once the campaign is complete. The freeplay section unveils enemies and scenarios pulled from the depths of the Slendytubbies community lore, presenting opportunities for players to face off against lesser-known but equally terrifying adversaries.