Funkin’ VR v5.0 – Friday Night Funkin’ VR Port (Download)

With Friday Night Funkin’ VR Port you can play FNF in virtual reality, enjoying a completely renewed experience, which offers 3D characters and scenarios, as well as a renewed gameplay style. While it is true that the port is not quite polished (which is normal), it is a very interesting option for anyone who has VR glasses at their disposal.


Funkin’ VR is now in its 5.0 version, update that brings with it the new inclusion of week 4 VS MOM. There are still weeks 5 and 6 to go, but the game is getting closer and closer to completion.

What changes are included in FNF VR?

Although it may seem silly, this new version of the game offers us more changes than it seems, as it offers us a new 3D version of the characters and scenarios. This new perspective gives the game another different touch, as the perspective allows us to look at the different details in a special way.

Funkin' VR


The notes, instead of being pressed with the keyboard keys, will have to be pressed by reaching out with the VR controller. In this aspect the game has its limitations, as it is not as easy and comfortable as the PC version. I have the feeling that any song a little long and difficult must get to tire the arms (it could count as exercise).

Download Friday Night Funkin’ VR for PC Windows & Android

FNF VR is available in .exe format for Winsows and in APK format for Quest. Both versions are completely free of charge.

Open Download Links

PC link – DownloadOption 2

Quest link – DownloadOption 2