Download Friday Night Funkin MAC OSX – FNF (Updated!)

If you are looking to download Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) for MAC OSX, you should know that the game is available for free for this operating system. Although MAC OSX players are not always lucky enough to be able to enjoy most of the most popular games, the developers of Friday Night Funkin’ have ignored this detail and have created an identical version for apple users.

The only big disadvantage for MAC OSX users who are going to play Friday Night Funkin’ is that, unlike what happens on Windows, there are no MODs available for this platform. This, although it may seem silly, is a pretty big difference, as the MODs for this game add a ton of content worth enjoying.

Download Friday Night Funkin’ for Mac OSX

File Friday Night Funkin
Size 140MB
Compatibility MAC OSX
Version 6
Date 20/02/2020

Link – Download

How to install Friday Night Funkin on MAC OSX

The game does not require to be installed, just double click on the file you downloaded. The problem for many users, is that the operating system itself does not allow them to open the file, as they mark it as an unknown file. For this, you will have to open the file as administrator or give it the corresponding permissions so that the MAC allows you to open it and be able to play.