ALL FNF WEEKs – Friday Night Funkin’ (WEEKs 1 – 7)

The FNF weeks are the different chapters that we will have in Friday Night Funkin’ in its main version. This game has a lot of MODS created by the community that offer new weeks to the game, but now we will talk about the weeks that FNF offers officially. Each of these weeks has several songs, different backgrounds, and a complete change in the stages and in the character we will face. Below, we tell you a little more about the original FNF weeks and what they include:

How many weeks does Friday Night Funkin’ have?

Friday Night Funkin’ currently has a total of 7 weeks and an eighth week is confirmed to be coming soon.

What are the weeks of FNF in chronological order?

It is worth noting that in terms of the game’s story, these weeks are in chronological order, except for week 2, which comes after week 4 if we look at the chronological order. As for week 8 which will be released soon, its story will take place before week 7.

Tutorial and Week 1

The week 1, also known as Daddy Dearestattending to the name of the antagonist we will face, Daddy Dearest, had its release date on October 5, 2020. The location where the showdown will take place is “The Stage”, in which we will sing a total of 3 songs: Bopeebo Dad, Fresh Dad, and DadBattle. This first week of the game includes a tutorial to start practicing before playing. This is the first week named after the antagonist. In it we will be able to see how Daddy Dearest faces BF in an epic rap battle. Every time BoyFriend’s turn ends we will see Daddy Dearest do an animation. Another curious fact about this week of the FNF is that it is the only one with a static background instead of animations.


Friday Night Funkin’ Week 2

The second week of FNF,also known as Spooky Month, came out on November 1, 2020. In it we will face Skid and Pump, the Halloween costumed duo, and enjoy three new songs: Spookeez, South, and Monster. This time the rap battle will take place in “GirlFriend’s house”. This week’s story tells us how BF goes to visit GF on a Halloween night and ends up facing two little monsters who are kids dressed up for the occasion. This week’s story takes place after the events of week 4. Also, this week features a surprise guest, Monster, the protagonist of week 4.


FNF Week 3

In Friday Night Funkin’ Week 3 we will face Pico, antagonist that gives the name to this week. The location in this case will be the “Roof of the Newgrounds Offices”, in the middle of the night. This week had its release date of December 11, 2020. The songs we will be representing are again 3: Pico, Philly Nice. and Blammed. Week three brings us Pico, the hitman Daddy Dearest hires to make BF disappear. The story tells how Pico decides not to hurt BF in exchange for a rap battle. This is a week with songs that offer quite a bit of variety in the movement of the arrows.


Week 4 in FNF

The fourth week in Friday Night Funkin’, also known as Mommy Must Murderwas released to the public on December 27, 2020, and its setting takes place in “The Limousine,” with the three songs: Satin Panties, High, and M.I.L.F. This week we will be pitted against a duo, as the opponent is Milf, accompanied by Daddy Dearest.  It’s a week full of visual effects, with colorful animated backgrounds in which we can see Mommy’s bodyguards as dancers.


Friday Night Funkin’ Week 5

FNF’s Week 5 is calledRed Snow and takes place in “The Mall”. This week had its release date of January 20, 2021 and again features three songs: Cocoa, Eggnog, and Winter Horrorland. This week’s story takes place in the middle of Christmas. The Dearest family characters go shopping at the mall and decide to kidnap Santa Claus to sing in a rap battle. Everything goes awry when this week’s antagonist, Monster, shows up and decides to use his reality distortion powers to turn the stage into a bloody Christmas scene, especially in the last song, hence the name “Red Snow”.


Week 6 at Friday Night Funkin’

The week Hating Simulator ft. Moawlingor FNF Week 6was released on February 2, 2021, offering three songs called Senpai, Roses, and Thorns. The first song refers to the name of this week’s antagonist, named Senpai. The stage location is “The School.” This week features the story of Senpai, who was locked in a dating video game by Daddy Dearest. In addition, this time we will also have a special guest, as the possibility of facing a new character appears: Spirit, a flame of fire that turns out to be a lost soul. Week 6 offers us a completely different style from the previous ones, as it adapts all its elements to offer a pixel graphic design. We will see how the design of BF and GF changes, as well as the background, the arrows, and in short, the whole stage.


Week 7 of FNF

The Week 7inFriday Night Funkin’, also known by the name of its antagonist: Tankmanfeatures the three songs titled Ugh, Guns, and Stress. It had a Newgrounds exclusive release on April 18, 2021. The location in which Tankman’s week takes place is the “Restricted Military Zone”. Tankman is, along with Pico, another hitman sent by GF’s father to destroy BF and separate them. On this occasion, week 7’s story tells us how Tankman shows up in the military zone determined to mow down BF but for some reason decides to spare his life by challenging him to a musical showdown. Throughout the songs the antagonist gets angry and ends up sending his men to shoot the pair, but that’s when Pico shows up to save them.


When is Week 8 FNF coming out?

We know that the release of Week 8 FNF is already confirmed. Although we do not yet have an official release date, the community has done its calculations and it is expected to be released this year 2021. We are looking forward to discovering the new story, songs, and characters that will appear in Friday Night Funkin’ Week 8.