FNF VS ARG RUMBLE V2 – Play online & Download


Role Names
Director TomPoops
Creator, Director, Composer qbocat uPic
Director (Multiple roles) k4rc3x
Co-Director, Animator RishTheAnimator

Key Features:

  • Authentic Argentine Content: This mod offers a unique Argentine flavor, infusing elements that resonate deeply with Argentine culture.
  • Playable Characters: The mod introduces entirely new characters, embracing the vibrant spirit of Argentina, adding a fresh twist to gameplay.

Technical Notes:

  • Optimal Performance: For the best experience, please play at 60 FPS. Running the game at lower frame rates might cause code issues.
  • Shader Requirement: Activating shaders is necessary as some songs may not function properly if they are disabled.

Community Support:

  • Feedback and Bug Reporting: Encountering issues or have suggestions? Reach out to us on the mod’s Twitter for prompt support.