VS Impostor V2 FULL WEEK (Among Us FNF MOD) – Download

VS Impostor FNF MOD (V2) is a new unofficial version of Friday Night Funkin’ that adds a new week in which we will face the already known Impostor of Among Us. This is a mission that many others have tried before, this being the MOD with the best results and quality in the final full week MOD release.

VS Impostor FNF MOD

This MOD includes for now 2 new songs in the new week (the third one is already on the way and will be released in the next update). The songs are inspired by some sounds from Among Us, and the ambience in general is well designed. As a curious detail, it should be noted that in this MOD we will be able to see GF and BF without heads, as if they were a corpse from Among Us. Although it is not the best of the MODs in any aspect, you can easily give it a 6 or 7/10, and it is not a bad MOD to pass the time (the 2 songs add up to about 6 minutes of gameplay).

Update VS Impostor V2 (23/05/2021) – Due to the great popularity of the first episode of this MOD, the developers have decided to apply a rehaul to the entire week, which now features a remix version of the first song and two brand new songs in the second and third stage. The MOD continues in its line of offering us music inspired by Among Us, and it could be said that it has increased its quality quite a lot. If before we gave it a 6 or 7, now we can easily give it an 8/10 as a general note of the MOD. Very good work by the developers.

PS: It should be noted that this MOD has quite complicated charts that even in the easy level are more difficult than those of other MODs.

What’s included in VS Impostor FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

  • New opponent: Impostor, from Among Us.
  • New week, with 2 new songs (and a third on the way) with 3 new songs complete.
  • New setting for the new week.

Latest updates for VS Impostor FNF MOD

  • v2.0 – Complete MOD Rehaul
  • v1.0 – First release.

Download VS Impostor FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

Due to the popularity of the first release of this MOD, we have decided to keep the link to version 1.0 for those who are interested.

Link V2 – Download

Link V1 – Download

How to install VS Impostor in FNF

You don’t need to install this MOD, just open the .exe file containing the folder you downloaded (after unzipping the file).

Trailer and Review of VS Impostor FNF MOD (Video)