FNF VS Impostor V3 [Official Update] – Play Online & Download

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Download VS Impostor V4 Update & Play Online (Unblocked) – New Tier S+ release by Among Us for Friday Night Funkin’ which includes 3 new weeks and songs for the game, with new characters and clashes. After the 3.0 update, which has just been released, the MOD has improved tremendously in quantity and quality of content, offering us one of the most spectacular updates of a FNF MOD.

The initial week of VS Impostor: Polus, which was already available in the previous versions, will still be available, but 2 new weeks are added: Mira HQ (my favorite) and Skeld (a week with the aesthetics of week 6). The FNF VS Impostor Mira HQ week pits us against the green impsotor and is simply spectacular, including 4 new songs that occur in different locations of the famous Among Us map.

This second week of the MOD stands out especially for the special final confrontation, in which we will face in freefall the final version of the Green Imposter, in what is the most difficult song of the entire MOD. In week 3, which has a calmer and more relaxed style, we can enjoy 3 additional songs inspired by original Among Us tunes, all with the pixelated aesthetics of week 6.

The VS Impostor 3.0 update is undoubtedly one of the MODs that you should not miss, and it is just a preview of everything we have prepared for this September.

Download VS Impostor Halloween Update MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Impostor Halloween Update is a new update for one of the best MODs of recent months: VS Impostor, this time will be focused on the theme of Halloween, although we will also see some Christmas touches in the MOD. The main news is that we will have new songs available grouped in a new week, we will also have custom skins, as well as backgrounds designed for the occasion. Personally this is an update more than anything related to the theme of these dates, but we still recommend downloading it because its content is very good.

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New features of VS Impostor (Halloween Update) FNF MOD

  • New playable week
  • 2 unreleased songs.
  • Touched up skins.
  • New Backgrounds.

Latest MOD updates

  • Halloween Update version (3.0.1)

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Impostor V4 Update – Info & Download

VS Impostor V4is a new fanmade creation that offers the long awaited update to the awesome MOD VS Impostor V4. This one brings us a new song that includes a leak of the V4 update, which includes a song we already know from VS Impostor V3: Double Trouble. It’s a song that wasn’t playable on that occasion, which we can now enjoy to the fullest thanks to this new release.

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FNF VS Impostor V4 includes a new week with the aforementioned song, in which we will see a new custom background in which BF will face a menacing version of the green Impostor along with the red Impostor, which carries a gun in his hand. It is a song with a great rhythm which offers a high level of difficulty and several details among which are animated sprites.

In this version that takes place in the map “The Airship” of Among us we get a big surprise, because after believing that the Imposters were expelled, they have returned stomping to face us in a great rap battle with a great song. Of course, we have to stay very attentive because the official Impostor V4 update of Clowfoe is coming soon, we have already been able to enjoy several teasers that look really good.

Download VS Impostor V3 FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

Download the latest update of Among US’s best MOD for FNF:

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What’s included in VS Impostor FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

  • 3 new full new weeks for the game
  • 3 new opponents.
  • 10 new songs.
  • New backgrounds, cinematics and special confrontations.

Latest updates for VS Impostor FNF MOD

  • v4.0 Leak – New song
  • v3.0 – 2 new full new weeks
  • v2.0 – Complete MOD Rehaul
  • v2.0 – Complete MOD Rehaul.
  • v1.0 – First release.

Download VS Impostor But It’s Clay (Fanmade)

If you are a true fan of FNF MODs, you will already know the famous “series” of MODs called But It’s Clay, in which all the characters are replaced by their versions made with clay. VS Impostor But It’s Clay FNF MOD follows the same idea. Mind you, this little remake only features one song.

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FNF VS Impostor Gameplay Video

Here you can see the full gameplay of all the MOD weeks, uploaded by one of the developers.