FNF VS Shaggy 2.5 (Ultimate Update) – Play Online & Download

FNF VS Shaggy Ultimate

VS Shaggy 2.5 FNF MOD (The Ultimate Update) is the new update of one of the most famous MODs in the history of the game, in which we will face the famous Shaggy through numerous songs and weeks of high difficulty.

Update v2.5 – After the great popularity of the MOD in its versions 1.0 and 2.0, SrPerez, its creator, has released a new update that seems to be the definitive one. In this new update we will be able to enjoy:

  • 2 new weeks complete with 5 unpublished canines (and with their own peculiarities), which are added to the 3 weeks that already existed, plus the special week of Shaggy X Matt.
  • New secret songs.
  • New Easter Eggs.
  • New endings.

This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting new releases in recent weeks, as there are few MOD creators who manage to include as much quality in their releases as SrPerez. We are sure that no FNF fan will miss this fantastic update.

What’s included in VS Shaggy FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

  • 6 new weeks
  • New opponent: Vs Shaggy
  • Numerous songs with 4, 6, 7, and 9 keys, very difficult.
  • Numerous cinematics and dialogue to set the story.
  • Different versions of Shaggy.

Download VS Shaggy FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

The links have been updated with the new v2 version of VS Shaggy. This MOD has option for x64 and x32.

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Link 64 – DownloadOption 2

Latest updates of VS Shaggy FNF MOD

  • v2.5 – The Ultimate Update.
  • v2.0 – Release of week 2 and the final MOD showdown.
  • v1.0 – Official release of the FULL WEEK version.

Update V2 27/05/2021VS Shaggy has received an amazing update that further improves the quality of this fantastic MOD. This new update includes 1 new week with three new songs, plus a very spectacular final showdown, in which we will have to play with 9 keys at the same time!!!. If week 2 of this MOD is already impossible to overcome (2 of the songs are with 6 keys), this final confrontation VS Shaggy v2 is the essence of this MOD taken to the maximum extreme.

VS Shaggy 9-key FNF MOD
VS Shaggy 9-key song screenshot

It is undoubtedly a very interesting update that consolidates this MOD among the best MODs of the game, without a doubt. In this case, VS Shaggy is one of the best MODs in terms of difficulty, and it is also one of the only ones that adds new keys to the gameplay. Downloading this MOD is fully recommended.