FNF VS Bob and Bosip FULL WEEKs Update! – Download

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bob and Bosip: The Expansion Update is a new MOD for FNF that stands out both for its incredible cinematics and its story, as well as for the incredible gameplay it offers. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it is one of the most complete and with more quality MODs that have been created to this day, so you should not hesitate to download it.

VS Bob and Bosip: The Expansion Update

PS: This MOD has received a very important and remarkable update, which includes a lot of new content. You can check more details below.

The main week of V.S. Bob, Bosip and Amor introduces 3 new characters in the game, which we will be able to face separately in 3 different songs. All the songs stand out for the high quality of their charts and music. The difficulty of the songs is gradual, and it can be said that it is quite complicated to overcome in its last song, VS Love.

As for the graphical and aesthetic part of the MOD, the truth is that we are facing one of the most interesting MODs that have been published. It adds 3 new very peculiar characters to the game, which are very well designed (especially in the cinematics that includes VS Bop and Bosip, which are spectacular). As if all this were not enough, the cinematics and dialogues are accompanied by a very well implemented narration that will give voice to each of the characters of the week.

VS Amor (VS Bob and Bosip Phase 3)
VS Amor (VS Bob and Bosip Phase 3)

The finishing touch of the MOD is undoubtedly the third confrontation, VS Amor, which apart from being the most difficult song to overcome, is the most creative in terms of background and the character that appears in it. Download V.S. Bop and Bosip to find out what’s in store for these characters, and if they’ll manage to escape the BF and GF universe alive. It is without a doubt one of my favorite MODs for the game.

FNF VS Bob And Bosip: The Expansion Update

The new MOD update, released on 7/8/2021, includes a lot of new features that are added to the content that was already available in the Full Week version. The quality of the first original version has been maintained (even improved), and we are undoubtedly facing an update that catapults this MOD to the list of the best ever (for several reasons).

New EX version of the final showdown VS Love

These are some of the inclusions of this new update:

  • The most notable in my opinion are the new EX versions of the original week’s songs, which include special additions and a higher difficulty in their charts.
  • Numerous bonus matchups, each with its own character. There are clashes of all kinds, from songs and characters similar to those of the original week, to a Meme song that is quite well done.
  • New cinematics for several of the special showdowns.

New features in VS Bob and Bosip (& Love) FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • New week of an exceptional quality.
  • Numerous new characters.
  • +10 new songs.
  • New high quality cinematics, accompanied by narrations that give voice to the characters.
  • Numerous retouches in different details.

Download VS Bob, Bosip and Amor for Friday Night Funkin’

As we have already mentioned, this reversal has the great novelty of being compatible with Windows x32.

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Latest updates of VS Bob, Bosip and Amor

  • v1.0 – Official MOD release
  • v1.1 – The Expansion Update

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