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Download Friday Night Funkin’ NEO 3.0 Update (Play Online) – New FNF MOD that includes different rehauls of the game weeks, including new versions for the character skins and new remixes for each of the songs. It is one of the most famous MODs of the game, and one of those that includes more content, having very few MODs at the same level of quality and popularity.

Following the FNF NEO 3.0 update, which has just been released, the MOD now has a total of 5 totally revamped weeks. As we have mentioned, each of the included weeks features revamped versions of both characters and songs. In the latest update, in which week 5 has been included as a novelty, we will be able to enjoy 5 new songs, as well as new cinematics and a new expansion of the MOD’s complete story. It should be noted that although the MOD introduces remixes of the original songs of the game, these do not follow the normal order of the original weeks (at least not all of them).

The best thing about NEO FNF MOD version 3.0 (in my opinion) is the new song against Demon Lemon, which features special elements that only occur in this special fight (for example, in this song our opponent sings real lyrics, instead of simple notes). Also noteworthy are its new cinematics, in which we can see how the story unfolds. In addition, the MOD is full of references and crossovers from other MODS, including among others Whitty or Garcello among the characters that appear.

It is clear that we are facing one of the best MODs in the history of the game, even more so after this great update. The developers have already communicated that there are still some details to be tweaked to have the real final version of the update 3.0 (which has been under development for months).

What does NEO FNF MOD 3.0 include?

  • Complete 5-week remake of the game
  • New remixes of numerous songs.
  • Redevelopment of numerous characters, all under the same NEON style.
  • New high-quality cinematics and storyline.
  • New backgrounds.
  • New characters and various cameos.

Download Friday Night Funkin NEO MOD

Game Friday Night Funkin
Size 330MB
Developers MagnusStorm, EvanClubYT, Mr.M0isty, Jellyfish
Version 3.0
Date 06/09/2021
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