FNF VS Sky Remanifested (Anniversary) – Play Online & Download

FNF VS Sky Remanifested

FNF VS Sky (Play Online & Download) is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ which, despite being one of the newest, has already become one of the best that have appeared to date. Download VS Sky will give you access to a whole new week within FNF, in which you will face Sky in a total of 3 stages, each with its own song and custom charts quite well done.

One of the most interesting details of this MOD is undoubtedly how well done Sky’s skin is, highlighting the different evolutions that he acquires as we advance stages. Sky’s evolution in the third round is epic, and the dialogues and cinematics that accompany the MOD contribute a lot to the atmosphere of this new week.

Another of the most creative details of VS Sky FNF MOD is that it has two different endings depending on our accuracy in overcoming the last song of the week. If we beat it above 70% accuracy, we’ll get the good ending, while if we’re below that threshold we’ll see the bad ending. I do not know if there is any other MOD that has a detail like this, but what is certain is that it is a very rare addition in FNF.

What does VS Sky MOD include in FNF?

  • A complete new week
  • 1 new opponent with a very elaborate skin that is worth trying.
  • 3 new stages with 3 new songs and custom charts.
  • Dialogues.
  • Cinematics.
  • Two different endings.

Latest VS Sky FNF MOD updates

  • 1.0.2 – Added new finish below 70% accuracy.
  • 1.0.1 –

Download VS Sky for Friday Night Funkin’

The MOD files can be easily downloaded from the following Google Drive mirror.

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