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VS Sonic.EXE

Download VS Sonic.EXE FNF MOD (& secret codes for special songs) – New release of Friday Night Funkin’ very peculiar, which includes a Creepy version of Sonic, plus two more special characters. The original week includes only one new song, but beating it will give us access to a series of secret codes that will give us access to more content.

As we say, VS Sonic.EXE is a very peculiar MOD, which cannot be compared to other releases (neither in terms of structure nor in terms of style). The new songs and characters included (a total of 3 of each) have a spectacular quality. It could be said that the secret songs are the second and third confrontation of the week, but having to access them in a somewhat different way.

The aesthetics of this MOD takes care of the details, offering a new background for each confrontation (and skins really well worked). The secret codes, which you can see in the following image, will not only give you access to new songs (you can discover it on your own by trying the different codes inside the MOD). To be able to use them you will have to previously beat the first song.

As we say, it’s an interesting release that offers something different from the others (even if only slightly). Undoubtedly it is a surprise, and it is always good that new releases of this style appear.

VS Sonic Exe. 1.5 Update – VS Sunky.MPEG

A new secret update has been released, which can be downloaded to access a new secret song, in which BF will face VS Sunky. The other songs of the MOD remain virtually identical to version 1.0. In the coming weeks we will be able to enjoy the 2.0 update, which will really be the one that adds a lot of content all at once.

VS Sonic Exe. 2.0 Update

Now we have FNF VS Sonic.EXE 2.0 , the long awaited version 2.0 of Sonic.EXE, which includes absolutely spectacular content, including new creepypasta characters and new versions of Sonic that are brutal. We will also find more songs, more secret codes. We are undoubtedly facing one of the best MODS of this theme, so do not wait any longer and go straight to download it and try it. If, on the other hand, you want to learn more about the new features included in this new version, stay and read on.

VS Sonic.EXE 2.0 contains more than 15 new songs, remixes, and new versions of Sonic characters. This new update includes several characters with a spectacular design. We will have songs against Tails Doll, Phantom Tails & Knuckles, Dr Eggman and Super Sonic Fleetway. This new update also includes a remaster of the original songs, modifying the music and sprites. It also features new animations for the characters to the rhythm of the music.  Of course, we will continue with the mechanics of the secret codes, including new content with touches of humor such as memes and fanarts.

New secret codes

  • 01 – 13
  • 28 – 28
  • 12 – 34
  • 09 – 10
  • 06 – 06
  • 32 – 08
  • 41 – 01

This time FNF VS Sonic.EXE 2.0 is better in its graphic section, offering new design styles for the characters that appear in the MOD, besides having new psychedelic backgrounds that create atmosphere. Let’s not forget to mention the amazing cinematics that we can see at the beginning and throughout the songs. We are facing a MOD that differs from the rest of MODs for its secret code mechanics and for offering a high level of quality in every way.

New features of VS Sonic.EXE 2.0 FNF MOD

  • New week.
  • +15 New songs.
  • New Sonic characters.
  • New skins for BF and GF.
  • New Backgrounds.
  • Personalized home screen.
  • Cutscenes.
  • New menu.

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