FNF VS Pibby Apocalypse – Play Online & Download MOD

FNF VS Lobotomy Dash: Fire in the Hole

FNF Pibby: Apocalypse is one of the best Friday Night Funkin’ Pibby MODs (if not the best). Despite being only a DEMO (v.0.71), this MOD has a lot of quality content, being one of the best releases of the last year.

In Pibby Apocalypse you will have to confront the corrupted versions of Finn, Gumball and Jake, both individually and in pairs in some of the confrontations. The MOD has a total of 10 songs, which are accompanied by high-quality cinematics, mechanics and sprites. It is worth mentioning that the last song is secret, and you will have to access it through the Debug Mode, selecting No Hero Remix.

Although we still don’t know when the final version will be finished, we do know that the MOD development team (which is quite extensive) is working on it. In short, FNF Pibby Apocalypse is a highly recommended MOD. We will be waiting for the v1.0 update.