FNF Indie Cross – Play Online & Download [PC & Android]

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Download FNF Indie Cross (VS Cuphead, Sans & The Ink Demon) – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes three new characters from different popular indie video games. We are facing a MOD whose release looked really good and we can finally enjoy the demo version in first person. It is a MOD that offers quite interesting characters and a level of detail that catches the eye.

  • 4 New Weeks
  • 10 New Songs
  • 5 Extra Songs
  • Secret Song
  • Custom menu and home screen
  • New Backgrounds
  • Custom Arrows (with visual effects)
  • Arrows with gimmick
  • Cutscenes and animations
  • 3 New Characters (Cuphead, Sans, Ink Demon)

FNF Indie Cross week contains 3 New songs that offer different levels of difficulty, being in general a difficult MOD to overcome. These songs include three rap battles between BF and characters from the aforementioned games, plus numerous special effects and gimmicky arrows that we can’t press. It is worth noting that this time GF does not appear as a spectator, so we will only see boyfriend as a character from FNF. In the first song we will face Cuphead, with a quite pleasant musical melody. In the second song we will face Sans from Undertale, with a song that increases the pace somewhat. Finally, in the third song we will have a confrontation against Ink Demon in which the matter becomes more terrifying, with arrows at full speed that offer a challenge.

Graphically, FNF Indie Cross offers us new customized backgrounds that match each character of the videogame to which they refer, a new design for the arrows, character animations to the rhythm of the music, and numerous unique special effects that give an incredible touch to the MOD’s atmosphere. It also includes a new design for the menu and the home screen. We are facing a MOD that still offers small bugs, but it is the demo version and its idea is very good, so we hope that in future updates its quality will be exceptional, in addition to offering new content.

Update 1.1.5 – The long awaited first update of Indie Cross arrives, which includes a lot of new elements for the MOD, from new songs with incredible confrontations to cutscenes, and we will even have a new alternative ending. With this update the MOD has a total of 4 weeks with the three characters we have named above and some other surprise character cameo. We will have 10 new songs, 5 extra songs and a secret song that will not leave us indifferent. There will also be new custom backgrounds and a lot of animations in the MOD.