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FNF VS Flippy

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Flippy is a new MOD that includes a new week with 5 new unreleased songs, which stand out especially for the great difficulty of some of them.

As you can imagine seeing that it has 5 songs, this MOD does not follow the usual structure, and offers us a somewhat different progression. The MOD starts with two songs of medium difficulty, to continue with a song of great difficulty, followed by an impossible song, followed by the easiest MOD song. Yes, best of all, it makes sense within the story, as this last confrontation occurs when the world has already been destroyed.


The truth is that the evolved version of Flippy in the fourth confrontation is one of the most interesting details in terms of aesthetics. It is also noteworthy the background of the week, which changes with the passage of the confrontations, until it is completely destroyed.

VS Flippy Phase 4

Overall, it is a fairly interesting MOD, although many users will have a hard time to overcome the third and fourth song on hard, Easy and Normal levels are much more affordable.

New features of VS Flippy FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • New full week
  • New character with different skins.
  • 5 new songs of different difficulties.
  • New background with different versions.

Latest VS Flippy updates

  • v1.0 – First week release.

Download VS Flippy for Friday Night Funkin’

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