FNF Corruption Takeover – Play online & Download

FNF: FNF Corruption Takeover


Role Names
Director, Main Artist PieDaDue
Programmer, Animator Kazzyrus
Programmer Spring
Musicians AzuriParker, MarStarBro, Y_F_MUS
Charters Cloudy, niffirg
Voices BigWes99

FNF Corruption Takeover MOD, isn’t just another beat battle; it’s a survival story set against the backdrop of a corruption apocalypse. Imagine a world where our beloved BF and GF are no longer the vibrant duo we know, having fallen victim to a sinister corruption. Pico, Nene, and Skid are among the few who’ve managed to dodge this fate, navigating through a world that’s more akin to the eerie, desperate landscapes of The Walking Dead than the colorful stages of FNF.

The twist here is as heart-wrenching as it is intense: Corrupted Evil BF, once a beacon of beats and love, now aims to corrupt his best friend Pico. The stakes? Nothing less than salvation or doom for their circle of friends, with Pico facing the harrowing task of stopping Boyfriend, possibly even killing him, to halt the spread of corruption. This mod brings the drama, the intensity, and an insane ending that’ll leave you reeling, mirroring the shock and desperation found in the best of zombie apocalypses.

Dive into this chilling narrative with 4 fully playable songs, showcasing not just your rhythm skills but your resilience in the face of despair. The Corruption Takeover Demo sings a tale of transformation, loss, and the fight to reclaim what was once pure. Evil BF’s transformation is a spectacle of horror and tragedy, raising questions about Skid and Pump’s fate, and leaving us wondering about the whereabouts of Girlfriend and her family. Could they too have succumbed to the corruption?