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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Matt Boxing Fight (Full Week + Mattpurgation) is a new MOD for FNF inspired by an FNF animation that became famous on Youtube, in which we can enjoy several songs of great difficulty accompanied by numerous new very interesting mechanics. It is undoubtedly one of the most complete MODs in terms of new mechanics, and you could say that it is a kind of special game mode of FNF, given all the new features it contains.

PS: It should be noted that this MOD has no relation to the well-known FNF VS Matt original, but it offers equal or higher quality than this one, so it is very much worth taking a look at it.

VS Matt Boixing Fight

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Although it may seem that this MOD will end up adding the same as always (a couple of special notes), the truth is that the system of new mechanics that has been included in the game is very well thought out and is more interesting than it seems at first glance. This is the summary of all the mechanics and new features that influences FNF VS Matt Boxing Fight in the game:

  • Instead of a life bar, in this MOD there is a shield, which is increasing or decreasing depending on the successful hits and the effects of special notes and mechanics.
  • There are two types of special notes, the orange gloves, which reduce the shield if you press them, and the blue gloves, which increase it (and remove the extra shield if you don’t hit them). These notes are produced randomly in each game, so no 2 games of this MOD are alike.
  • When you have the shield at maximum and hit notes, your stamina bar will increase, until it is completely filled if you keep the streak.
  • When you have the stamina bar to the maximum, you can spend it by pressing the Z key, which can give you 4 possible results: invincibility (the best and most interesting, as it generates a copy that plays for us for a few seconds), extra shield, nothing, or a very large reduction of the shield. As you can see, we will not always be rewarded with benefits, we can also be randomly punished.
  • If you miss a note and press the E key at that instant, you will be able to dodge the damage produced by that miss.
  • If you miss a note you lose half a shield bar, which you can recover by pressing space 5 times.

It may seem that we are offered too many tools, but we have to keep in mind that all this happens while we have to be attentive to press the different notes of the charts.In VS Matt Boxing Fight there are a total of 3 songs (one of them is secret bonus song), and all of them are very difficult in terms of charts (without taking into account everything we have to be attentive to while playing.

VS Matt Boxing Fight Immortality
VS Matt Boxing Fight Immortality Mechanic (NEW!)

FNF VS Matt Boxing Fight (fanmade) is undoubtedly one of the best MODs to date for many reasons. It’s quite a treat for players who love max difficulty MODs, and the new randomized mechanics make every match completely different, and with special possibilities. The immortality mechanic is spectacular, and its design seems to me one of the best of the MOD.

How to access the secret song of VS Matt Boxing Fight, Mattpurgation?

If you manage to overcome the two songs included in the official week, you can access to unlock the secret song of the MOD, called Mattpurgation. To do this you will only have to press the SD card that will appear above the start menu, and wait for the song to start (it has to load, or at least that’s what the MOD simulates).

In it, we will be able to enjoy a reversion of Expurgation, as well as a totally different appearance, with a special skin for Matt and new mechanics. The mechanics included in this Bonus Song come from the Vs Tricky MOD itself, with different visual disturbances that hinder vision, and 2 special notes.

Mattpurgation Bonus Song (Secret)
Mattpurgation Bonus Song (Secret)

If it’s already crazy with its official week, the Mattpurgation Bonus Song is the finishing touch to a MOD that couldn’t have gone any better. It’s one of those releases that quickly impresses the entire community, as they are full of ingenuity and quality content.

News from VS Matt Boxing Fight

  • 3 new songs of great difficulty
  • New versions of boxers for BF and Matt.
  • New version of boxing referee for GF.
  • New very interesting and well-structured mechanics.
  • Special immortality mechanics with amazing animations.
  • Special Bonus Song with special additions and details.

Download FNF VS Matt Boxing Fight MOD (Full Week + Bonus Song)

Link – Download

Latest updates to the MOD

  • v1.5 – New sprites for BF.
  • v1.0 – Initial release.