Wii Funkin’ VS Matt FNF MOD v2.2 (2 Full Weeks) – Download

Wii Funkin’ v2.1, also called VS Matt, is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ with which you can access 2 new weeks in the game against Matt, from Wii Sports. This is one of the best MODs of the FNF History, or at least one of the most popular.

Wii Funkin VS Matt FNF MOD

The Wii Funkin’ week includes 3 new songs with custom charts, which are focused on being difficult to beat (the hardest level is really tricky to beat). The developer himself warns that it won’t be easy to beat all the Wii Funkin’ stages in hard mode.

The developer has already warned that he has future updates ready, including new features such as new sprites for GF. It is a MOD that promises a lot and is already highly recommended to try, so we can do nothing but wait for its future versions with improvements.

Update 2.0 (04/26/2021) – The MOD has been updated with several interesting new features, including a new week with 2 new songs, and a new version compatible with MAC OS. With this update the developer brings the development of this MOD, which is truly one of the best FNF MODs hands down after this update, to a close.

Update 2.1 (04/06/2021) – Wii Funkin’ has been updated to version 2.1, which adds different improvements to the MOD. Among the highlights of the new update, we can highlight the change of dialogs, and new sprites for Matt’s skin in wiik 2. Also, MAC support has been discontinued as of this version (we will keep the link to the old MAC version, which still works.

Download Wii Funkin’ for Friday Night Funkin’

Choose the option that suits you best, but remember that the MAC version is no longer updated, and does not contain all the new features that the Windows vcerions contain.

Link v2.0 Windows x64 – Download

Link v2.0 Windows x32 – Download

Link v2.0 MAC – Download

How to install Wii Funkin’ on FNF

This MOD does not require installation, as it has its own executable file. You can install it with FileDaddy for more convenience when switching between the different MODs you want to play.

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