FNF Vs El Chavo Del 8 – Play Online & Download MOD

FNF Vs. El Chavo Del 8

FNF Vs El Chavo Del 8 Credits

Role Contributors
Director Eso Marx
Artist Eso Marx, oh_pls_jsjss, paipp, Stellar Phantom
Coders Klade, BRN101
Charter KoiM4
Composer KoiM4, blueby87

Boyfriend & Girlfriend, have stumbled into one of the most iconic neighborhoods around, ready to face off in a musical battle that’ll have you tapping your feet and laughing in equal measure. They’re up against none other than the legends of laughter themselves, El Chavo and Quico.

With a single track titled su vecindad, this mod captures the essence of the beloved TV show, El Chavo del 8, bringing a slice of the iconic Vecindad to the FNF universe. It’s a hit across the Spanish-speaking community, resonating deeply with fans from Brazil to Spain, and Mexico to Chile, and it’s easy to see why.  The mod is set to get even cooler with a future update featuring the one and only Don Ramon.