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FNF VS ToyStory.EXE The Unmasked Toys

FNF VS ToyStory.EXE The Unmasked Toys Credits

Category Credits
Woody Exe Creator, Mod Creator Oldum77, Kiwii
Main TUT Director, Directors Yeetllama, Miguel_Artist, JolteionXD, GeekCupYT
CoDirectors TailsTeZ, EmaDraw, Fimbulveter, Geekzles
Musicians Milo008 (Out of Here, Perfection, No Regrets, Lets Play Forever),
JolteionXD (Sweet Dreams), YeetLlama (Shut Up Buzz), GKN_og, Sonic-R Maul
Coders MalyPlus (Lead Haxe Programmer), TailsTeZ (Lead Lua Programmer), YeetLlama (Lua Programmer)
Artists miguel_artist, Pokezzzzz, JosephGamer556, tricky0911, JorgeMacias528, Majekakecaje,
Ladora31, Pokyoli_delimon, DanyG7, Moyma301, VoidBoy2006, Cumz666, eg6348, MaximoExe,
SilverBullet, Cycled, Avantee, DieRet, [B92], Otaku-Cram, M0no_nigitmares, Redby, Dea,
Nekochea San
Animators miguel_artist, CrashBNashe, Pokezzzzz, JorgeMacias528
Chromatics EmaDraw (Main Chromatic Scale Maker), Ostarfi (Chromatic Scale Maker)
Charters TailsTeZ (Perfection, Lets Play Forever, Shut Up Buzz), SenRen (Sweets Dreams, Lets Play
Forever, No Regrets), Arg shag (Out of Here)
Voice Actor Fecker Poopnose, Garnishedead
Special Greetings to: Daylightfnf

The Friday Night Funkin VS The Unmasked Toys Mod <strong>transports players into a sinister version of Toy Story, featuring a creepypasta-inspired Andy’s</strong> room where familiar characters take a dark twist. In this mod, Boyfriend and Girlfriend encounter creepy versions of Woody and other Toy Story characters,

This mod includes several standout tracks such as Sweet Dreams where Woody’s voice ominously shifts, and Shut Up Buzz, which combines humor with the eerie theme. Each song is designed to challenge players’ timing and precision, enhancing the creepy atmosphere with intense gameplay moments and narrative-rich cutscenes. Whether you’re navigating through dialogues or matching beats, this mod promises a compelling blend of horror and rhythm gameplay.