FNF: KarmaFunk Vs Titi – Play Online & Download MOD

FNF: KarmaFunk Vs Titi MOD Credits

Credits Team Members
Axl9741 Director, creator, coder
Paradix Co-director, animator, bg artist, coder
ImStefanoMusic_ Musician
EstoyAburridow Coder helper
Yuum1c Charter
DestrioSZ uPic Animator
Gerar2 Animator
SkiddyEmanuel Artist
CamDev Artist
ElRonnyX Artist
AlexCatYTOfficial Artist
ivan.NRG Artist
Pikacool200 Artist
cromatics Artist
hirvhin_oficial Artist

In the Friday Night Funkin’ VS Titi & Wither Storm mod, players are whisked away to the vibrant Karmaland, where they face off against the playful alien, Titi, and the daunting Wither Storm from Minecraft in a series of rhythm battles. This mod stands out for its unique crossover appeal, blending the rhythmic gameplay of FNF with the adventurous spirit of Minecraft. Players navigate through challenges with Boyfriend and Girlfriend, encountering famous characters and overcoming obstacles with music.

The mod features notable songs like TNT, a face-off between Titi and Boyfriend, and Last Words, where Titi battles Rubius, adding layers of excitement and variety to the gameplay. This mod is a testament to creativity, merging two beloved universes into a thrilling musical journey.