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FNF Maginage Matches

Friday Night Funkin’ Maginage Matches is a new FNF MOD that stands out both for the quality of its new cinematics and its songs (and the accompanying charts). It features content of much higher quality than the average we are used to, in all aspects.

New features included in FNF Maginage Matches

  • 3 new songs
  • 4 new high-quality cinematics.
  • 3 new characters: Lucian, Abby & Tac.
  • New dialogues.

FNF Maginage Matches offers 3 new songs containing 3 new characters to face: Abby, Lucian and Tac. All songs feature 3 levels of difficulty available, and are overall very interesting pieces of FNF, offering a very high quality in all aspects.

The artistic part is undoubtedly what most differentiates this MOD, since all the new sprites that incorporates (both new skins and backgrounds) are of a very high quality, with an innovative style that we had not seen so far. The cinematics, which are one of the most remarkable elements, are full of numerous characters, references and dialogues.

Overall, FNF Maginage Matches is a well-crafted MOD that easily ranks among the best releases of the entire month.

Download FNF Maginage Metches FULL WEEK – VS Abby, Lucian & Tac

Link – Download

Latest versions of the MOD

  • v1.0 – Full Week.