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FNF VS Baldi's Basics

Download FNF VS Baldi’s Basics – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes the character Baldi Basics from the parody and horror video game: Baldi Basic Education and Learning. This curious character is willing to give us a math class while we sing in a rap battle. This is a character really loved in social networks, so it is a MOD whose arrival has been awaited by many fans. Now we can enjoy the demo version to get an idea of the content it will offer soon.

New features of VS Baldi’s Basics FNF MOD

  • New week.
    • 3 New songs.
    • Secret song.
    • New character (Baldi).
    • Secret song.
  • New customized background.
  • Custom home screen and menu.
  • Customized background.

VS Baldi’s Basics FNF features 3 new songs full of rhythm, vocals, and character animations (plus the surprise appearance of Baldi’s pet). These are three new songs that are quite difficult to beat, which also feature trick arrows that can’t be pressed and offer a very cool design. It also offers a secret song with a new stage and a cool design which is accessed through a code that we will have to write in the menu. Once the code is written, the song will be unlocked and we will be able to enjoy a new challenge against a bloody and creepy version of Baldi.

As for the graphic section of VS Baldi’s Basics, it is a MOD inspired by the Baldi universe, which offers a new background in which the protagonists are in a mathematics class. We will find a stylized character design, a high quality stage, and some custom details such as arrows with trick, which offer a ruler design to measure centimeters. In addition, it offers a custom menu and custom home screen. This is a long awaited MOD with a very high quality and a very original character, as well as secret content, and we are only in the demo version! It is clear to us that VS Baldi’s Basic could continue to surprise in the future with much more content.

Download VS Baldi’s Basics for Friday Night Funkin

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Latest MOD updates

  • v0.1 – FULL WEE