FNF VS SNS 2.5 Retake – Play online & Download

Dive back into the eerie world of Sunday Night S with the 2.5 Retake, featuring the notorious Creepypasta character, Mickey Mouse, also known as Mouse.avi. This mod is a continuation of the work by Sonicboyforlife, the original artist for the Sunday Night Sad Mouse (SNS) mod.

FNF VS SNS 2.5 Retake Credits

Role Name
Owner, Coder, Charter, Composer FNAALEX_DRAWZ
CO OWNER, Main Artist, Animator Sonicboyforlife
CO OWNER, Main Composer, Charter, Artist/Animator, Vocalist grbr2006
Artist/Background Artist, Voice Actor sa1tyrose
Voice Actor MrMarsh101
Charter sussybendy
Composer stermoon the great
Artist, Animator Bogdan play
Artist Inkedartist
Artist, Voice Actor AidanAnimates
Composer, Animator BlakeDude7
Artist, Background Artist Picomori
Composer GusDeGreat
Composer TrainsGod
Engine Coder WinnWhatify
Coder Brayan GD
Composer, Artist, Animator JudiiDoodle
Charter Bootlegsuck2020
Artist, Animator GMCreations1000
OWNER of SNS RS, Artist, Animator Fandi
Wiki Editor, Coder Faznose
Owner of SNS TheShipySea

In this chilling retake, players follow Boyfriend and Girlfriend as they confront the daunting challenge of battling against Creepypasta Mickey Mouse. The outcome of this musical confrontation remains a gripping mystery—will Boyfriend and Girlfriend triumph, or will they fall to the sinister Mouse.avi?

FNF VS SNS 2.5 Retake Mod Updates and Announcements:

The mod is officially making a comeback, addressing any confusion about its return.
Currently in demo form, this version includes partial content with more to be added. The development team is committed to refining the mod and plans to release a “hot fix” update soon.

FNF VS SNS 2.5 Retake Player Engagement:

The creator encourages players to enjoy the current version while awaiting further enhancements. After a year of dedicated work, the release marks a significant milestone, reflecting both pride and excitement from the developer.