FNF Hazy River – Play Online & Download [Garcello & Annie]

FNF Hazy River

Download FNF Hazy River – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that offers a two-in-one re-release of the famous Garcello and Annie MODs. This re-release includes a remastered version of Garcello’s Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle song and a small update for Annie’s MOD adding some previously unused assets.

New Features of Hazy River FNF MOD

  • Re-release with minor tweaks
  • Bonus content
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Custom layouts
  • Scenes
  • Secret song

This is a MOD that has been released to celebrate the anniversary of these MODs, and instead of remastering the content it focuses on adding new bonus content for both characters. We will have numerous bonus songs that include different versions of the characters and a spectacular musical rhythm. In addition, scenes are also included and even a secret song of the most fun in which we can battle against the ass of BF and Annie, for this you have to access the song “Animal” in freeplay mode, go to settings and change bf by “bfbootie” and the opponent by “anniebootie”.

We are, without a doubt, before a MOD worth trying, as it not only celebrates the anniversary of two beloved characters, but also offers a high level of quality and fun-filled content.

Download FNF Hazy River for Friday Night Funkin’

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