FNF VS Zardy Phase 2 ft. CableCrow – Play Online

FNF VS Zardy

Play Online VS Zardy Phase 2 FT. CableCrow (New Song BushWhack) – New update of one of the most famous and legendary MODs of Friday Night Funkin’, which includes the second song of the week. In this new special showdown, which joins the FoolHardy song, we can also enjoy the appearance of CableCrow, another rather peculiar character who appears behind a novel animation.

What’s included in VS Zardy Phase 2 FNF MOD?

  • 2 new songs for FNF
  • 2 new characters: Zardy and CableCrow.
  • New background.
  • New special animations.

The MOD VS Zardy is inspired by Zardy’s Maze, a Steam game in which we will have to access a corn maze (that’s where the setting of the week comes from, and that’s why Zardy is a scarecrow). After this update, the MOD acquires its second song, which could lead to a third update with a final showdown (although this is just speculation).

The new VS Zardy Phase 2 FNF MOD‘s new song, BushWhack, is even harder to beat than Foolhardy, plus it’s much longer in length. The most interesting quirk is the character change that occurs mid-song, so that CableCrow enters the scene. If you liked Foolhardy, this new song is a longer and better version, so you shouldn’t miss it.

We’re certainly in one of the best release seasons in recent months, and it doesn’t look like the pace of releasing great MODs like this one is going to stop anytime soon.

Download FNF VS Zardy Phase 2 – Friday Night Funkin’

Name VS Zardy MOD
Game Friday Night Funkin
Size 158MB
Developers Kadedev, Rozebud, SwankyBox, StarnyArt
Version 2.0 (Phase 2)
Date 29/08/2021
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Latest VS Zardy MOD updates

  • v2.0 – Phase 2 – BushWhack.
  • v1.0 – Phase 1 – FoolHardy

Best Fanmade Reversions of VS Zardy

Being one of the most famous MODs in the history of the game, this MOD constantly receives fanmade reversions from the community, some of them of a particularly high quality, as they are developed by renowned characters. We have decided to compile 3 of the most interesting reversions of the MOD elements so you can easily download them:

VS CableCrow Reanimated FNF MOD

It offers new sprites for CabelCrow, giving him new animations that, without seeking to be better or worse than the original ones, offer a different version of the character. I personally quite like this reversion, especially the frame where CableCrow stretches his arm.

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VS Zardy Reanimated FNF MOD (SugarRatio)

This MOD focuses on providing a remake of the character’s animations, while staying true to the original version. In my opinion it is also better than the original skin.

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VS Zardy Minus FNF MOD

My favorite reversal of VS Zardy Phase 2, since it includes a very creative skin of the character, which I find even better than the original (although it doesn’t quite maintain the Minus style we’re used to.

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