Download VS Zardy FNF MOD Full Week – Friday Night Funkin

VS Zardy is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult MODs of Friday Night Funkin, which allows us to face Zardy (Foolhardy) in 3 new songs that are truly complicated to overcome. Downloading and installing this MOD will give you access to exclusive content that can’t be found in the original game, which will surely challenge your FNF player skills.

vs zardy fnf

VS Zardy FNF MOD counts among its 4 developers with 2 of my favorite FNF modders: Rozebud and Kadedev, creators of other great MODs for FNF. The quality of this MOD is more than assured just by taking a look at any of the Youtube videos that show gameplay of this MOD.

As a curiosity, it should be noted that this MOD only includes the new week, so when you open it you can only play the Foolhardy week, in which you will face Zardy. Remember that overcoming this MOD is not at all easy, and that you will surely need quite a few attempts to be able to overcome the 3 complete songs.

What is included in VS Zardy FNF MOD?

  • A new opponent: Zardy (Foolhardy)
  • 3 new songs with new scores (quite difficult)
  • A new week to complete at Friday Night Funkin’

Latest VS Zardy MOD updates

  • 3 days ago: fixed 64bits version.

Download Friday Night Funkin VS Zardy MOD

MOD Name VS Zardy
Game Friday Night Funkin
Size 70MB
Developers Kadedev, Rozebud, SwankyBox, StarnyArt
Version 1.0
Date 21/03/2021

Link – Download 64bits

Link – Download 32bits

How to install VS Zardy MOD

This MOD should not be installed, as it only serves to play a whole new week, and can be done independently of the original game. Just open the executable that contains the folder you downloaded.

Trailer and Review of VS Zardy for Friday Night Funkin

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