VS Hatsune Miku FNF MOD [2.0 Update] – Download (MOD)

Download VS Hatsune Miku 2.0 FNF MOD – New update 2.0 of one of the most famous MODs in the history of the game, which includes many new features compared to the first version. It is one of the first MODs that gained popularity in the scene, and practically all OG players of FNF MODs have played it at some point. Currently, and after this incredible update, it is one of the most recommended MODs to enjoy new content in FNF.

VS Hatsune Miku FNF MOD

The new update of FNF VS Hatsune Miku includes new songs, to offer a total of 3 songs in its new week 2.0, and another 5 in the freeplay menu. Some of the songs included in FNF Miku 2.0 were already available in version 1.0, such as Dissapearance (last song of the old week).

In addition to the interesting new features that FNF Miku MOD has received in its music section, the developers have focused on adding quite a lot of special content. Among the most interesting details we can find the new death animations (a total of 5, and quite original) or the new menus and home screen, which have also been customized. As if all this were not enough, the MOD has advanced configuration options, which allow us to customize the FPS limit among other things.

Overall, this is one of the most interesting releases in recent weeks, especially considering that this MOD has not been updated for 6 months, and is one of the most played in the history of FNF.

What’s included in the Hatsune Miku FNF MOD?

  • New character: Hatsune Miku
  • New week 2.0!!
  • 8 songs in Total.
  • New background.
  • New dialogues and cinematics.
  • New menus with additional aesthetics and options.
  • Many more new features.

Latest updates for Hatsune Miku FNF MOD

  • 2.0 – Numerous new features, such as new songs, menus and cinematics, among others.
  • v.1.2 – added new screen art and revised some scores and their difficulty.
  • v.1.1 – new secret song

Download VS Hatsune Miku FNF MOD v2

MOD name VS Hatsune Miku FNF MOD
GAME Friday Night Funkin’
Size 226MB
Developers evdial & GenoX
version 2.0 (v2)
Date 22/09/2021
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How to install Hatsune Miku FNF MOD

This MOD already has everything you need to run without being installed or moving any files. Just unzip the folder and open the executable file it contains, which will open the game with all new content included.

FNF VS Hatsune Miku MOD Video for Friday Night Funkin’