Hatsune Miku FNF MOD (Friday Night Funkin’) – FULL WEEK

The Hatsune Miku MOD for Friday Night Funkin (FNF) is one of the most popular currently, because it adds a new week of unreleased content, with Hatsune Miku as the opponent to beat, and 4 new songs to enjoy. Downloading and installing this MOD is super simple, as well as free (besides, it is one of the most recommended MODs).

hatsune miku fnf mod

Hatsune Miku FNF MOD is one of the MODs that adds more content to the game and does it better. Not only does it grant us an additional week with new songs, but it also includes new vocals for the boyfriend (protagonist) and new scores. It is, without a doubt, one of the MODs that every FNF fan should try, as there are not many MODs that add a full week managing to maintain the quality of the original game.

What’s included in the Hatsune Miku FNF MOD?

  • New character: Hatsune Miku
  • New additional week to the game
  • 4 new songs with new scores.
  • New vocals for the boyfriend (protagonist).

Latest updates for Hatsune Miku FNF MOD

  • v.1.2 – added new screen art and revised some scores and their difficulty.
  • v.1.1.1 – new secret song

Download Friday Night Funkin x Hatsune Miku FNF MOD

MOD Name Hatsune Miku FNF MOD
Game Friday Night Funkin
Size 160MB
Developers evdial & GenoX
Version 1.0
Date 02/03/2021

Link – Download

How to install Hatsune Miku FNF MOD

This MOD already has everything you need to run without being installed or moving any files. Just unzip the folder and open the executable file it contains, which will open the game with the new Hatsune Miku character activated.

Trailer and Review of Hatsune Miku MOD for Friday Night Funkin

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