FNF Shaggy x Matt – Play Online & Download

Shaggy x Matt is a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a full week VS Shaggy & Matt, in one of the biggest crossovers between FNF characters in the history of the game. In this new MOD you will be able to enjoy 2 of the most characteristic characters of the FNF modding scene, known for the difficulty of the weeks they include in the game.

Shaggy x Matt FNF MOD

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This MOD has been published by the official developers of the MODs of their respective characters: VS Shaggy and VS Matt (Wiii Funkin’). This ensures a very high quality in this crossover, as the team is composed of some of the best developers of the moment.

The new FNF VS Matt & Shaggy week contains three new songs, in which we can take on Matt and Shaggy in combination. Each of the songs has special features:

  • Power Link: Matt faces Shaggy to acquire his unlimited power. This song is in normal format, with 4 keys.
  • Power Link.
  • Revenge: We will face Matt in a song with 6 keys.
  • Final Destination: We will face Shaggy and Matt in a final song with 9 keys.

Matt x Shaggy Phase 3

Evidently the difficulty of this MOD is one of the highest that can be found, since separately Matt and Shaggy are already 2 of the most difficult MODs that exist. In addition to this, you can access a secret “rechart” of the last song, which adds new mechanics, such as notes that penalize us if we do not avoid playing them.

New features of Matt x Shaggy FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • New week with 3 songs
  • Official crossover of Matt x Shaggy
  • New modes with 6 and 9 keys, inspired by Shaggy’s MOD.
  • New dialogs.
  • New background.

Latest Shaggy x Matt updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week Version.

Download Shaggy x Matt for Friday Night Funkin’

Link x64 – Download

Link x32 – Download