FNF Doubling Down: Kyle vs Cartman – Play Online & Download MOD

fnf Doubling down

FNF Doubling Down: Kyle vs Cartman Credits

Role Contributors
Director DoubleGz
Animator DoubleGz
Musician SleepyOreo!
Programmer MysticalSkir

Dive into the animated chaos of FNF Doubling Down: Kyle vs Cartman, a South Park-inspired Friday Night Funkin’ mod that pits two of the show’s most iconic characters against each other in a musical face-off. This mod takes inspiration from the Doubling Down episode, the seventh of South Park’s 21st season, bringing the rivalry between Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski to the rhythm game arena, with Kenny McCormick and Stan Marsh cheering on from the sidelines.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the music, composed by SleepyOreo, is nothing short of fire, offering players a chance to engage in the South Park universe through an electrifying soundtrack that captures the essence of the original episode’s tension and humor. What makes this mod stand out, besides its captivating music, is the ingame art by DoubleGz, praised for its accuracy and faithful representation of the South Park art style. This dedication to authenticity makes players feel as if they’re controlling the characters straight out of the show, embroiled in one of Cartman and Kyle’s infamous disputes.