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FNF: Funkin Aside


Role Names
Directors EbolaHorny, DegoDraws, bjarealthe, iseta, Matriculaso, Tenzubushi
Coders Royal, SrPerez, Stzr, Sugar Moon
Musicians LongestSoloEver, Neutroa, Vtroy Jerof, MVS, FlameMind, GabML
Charters pointy, FranksPole, sues, Cerbera, kurtfan5468, fakeburritos123
Artists Jef_Cuadricula, Offbi, Yuki, Sashimi, Kuro, Grassjeak, MikeFnf, ShikaDoodle
Animators Scatt, SugarRatio, MashProTato, A Maze, Valengarfy, Fore, Splinter Hampex, Stormill, Nautical, Tidal, KofiTree
Special Thanks Saruky, Tablos

Let’s dive into the neon-soaked, beat-busting world of Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Funkin Aside. This fresh mod rolls out the red carpet for the comeback of our explosive friend Whitty, alongside Garcello from “Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle” fame. And guess what? The crew’s only getting bigger, with legends like Hex, Bob, Ron, and a female Senpai set to join the lineup. This mod ain’t just about bringing back the classics; it’s a whole new playground with an art style so cute. But the real question is, can BF & GF outshine the Aside crew with their slick moves and harmonious grooves?

And for the lore-lovers and story seekers, Funkin Aside isn’t just another mod; it’s a side story that weaves the vibrant tapestry of the FNF universe with new narratives and thrilling showdowns. Imagine this: a world where our beloved rhythm battles tell a continuous story, filled with original characters and epic crossovers from your favorite mods, all gearing up for the ultimate musical showdown. And for that cherry on top, Pocoyo’s Pocoblitz song slaps a cover of Aside Whitty’s Bomblitz, bringing tunes so catchy, you’ll be humming them for weeks. So, grab your mic, warm up those fingers, and get ready to show the Aside crew what you’re made of. It’s going to be a funky ride, folks!