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Oshi no ko

FNF VS Oshi no Ko Credits

Role Contributors
Mod Creator QuetzalcoutlDev
Voice Kenny Orenji
Charting Kat_Impact
Original Creator of Oshi No Ko Aka Akasaka

FNF VS Oshi no Ko, a mod that blends the beats of Friday Night Funkin’ with the captivating world of Ai Hoshino from the hit anime Oshi no Ko. Crafted by the talented QuetzalcoutlDev, this mod is a heartfelt tribute to an anime that’s not only swept fans off their feet with its charm but also delved deep into the glittering yet gritty reality of Japan’s entertainment industry.

Featuring two tracks that will test your rhythm skills while serenading you with the sweet, catchy vibes synonymous with anime music, this mod is a visual and auditory treat. It’s all things kawaii and anime, with visuals that are as cute as they come, drawing you into a world where every beat, every note, and every challenge is wrapped in the warm glow of your favorite anime..

Whether you’re a die-hard Oshi no Ko enthusiast or a Friday Night Funkin’ player looking for fresh mods to conquer, this mod welcomes you with open arms.