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FNF VS Cartoon Cat

Download FNF VS Cartoon Cat – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a new character, the creepiest animated cat we have seen in quite some time. This is a MOD that offers a fairly high quality, whose atmosphere looks very good. We are facing a MOD that stands out especially for the design of his character and the large number of cutscenes included. Besides, if it offers this level of quality in its demo version, it is to be expected that in future updates it will have even more incredible contents.

The VS Cartoon Cat FNF week contains 2 new songs that start with a rather calm melody and rhythm, but end with a thumping beat. These are songs that sound good and give ambience to the character, which include a medium/high difficulty level. In these songs we will attend rap battles between Cartoon Cat and BF, but in the second song we will have a special guest, as we will find Cartoon Dog as a spectator next to GF (and it is very scary). In addition, it includes trick arrows that can not be pressed, these are distinguished because they are customized in the shape of dentures with eyes (Wtf). It’s also worth noting that this MOD offers some death animations that look too cool, so it’s worth losing the game just to be able to see them.

Graphically, FNF VS Cartoon Cat offers us a new customized background, whose design is simple but quite stylish. It also includes a creepy character design with a high level of detail, and when Cartoon Dog appears, it is also very detailed with a unique style. It also includes a design for the arrows, a customized and animated home screen, new menu, and new loading screen. It is a MOD that stands out especially for its story and cinematics, which are really well worked, being quite entertaining.

Update 1.5 – The new MOD update completes the week, including a total of 3 songs and two extra songs. These new songs include the appearance of new characters such as Cartoon Cat Phase 3 and Long Horse. In addition, we will also have new graphic designs for the background and characters that look very nice. It also adds new mechanics in one of the songs, which will cause the game to crash if we hit the death note.  The MOD will continue to bring updates until the final version is complete.

New features of VS Cartoon Cat FNF MOD

  • New Week
  • 3 New Songs
  • 2 Bonus Songs
  • New Characters
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Custom Arrows
  • Custom and animated home screen
  • New menu
  • New loading screen
  • Cutscenes with dialogs
  • New mechanic

Download VS Cartoon Cat V1.5 UPDATE for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.5 – FULL WEEK