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fnf Darkness take over

FNF FNF Darkness Takeover Credits

Role Contributors
Mod Director MiniSymba
Co-Director Weednose (Musician), ZuuNuzz (Artist)
Artists Revenant, Bandit, Soldier, AlexTeaMan, Sad grunt, majinbee
Musicians King Daniel, TheRealMessy, Crashy, Yoosuf Meekail, Conehat, PizzaPogg
Animators MikeyKitten, F4, Sapphire-Modder, ColdTea, KRM, CheesMaxi
Charters RVG, HotRacer652, funkincringe
Coders ADA, latter
Former Developers Crotheon, Dul

Step into a world where darkness seeps through the fabric of animation with FNF Darkness Takeover, a mod that catapults Pibby and Boyfriend into the universe of Family Guy to battle an insidious corruption. In an epic crossover with Jakeneutron’s Come and Learn with Pibby, this mod delivers a narrative where the familiar becomes eerily unfamiliar. The beloved characters of Family Guy, Peter, Lois, Meg, and Chris Griffin, are twisted into their corrupted versions, leaving Stewie Griffin and Brian as the uncorrupted beacons of hope. Together with Pibby and Boyfriend, they embark on a mission to save their world from the enveloping darkness.

The mod showcases the highest level of effort and creativity, unraveling a gripping story set in the Come and Learn with Pibby universe, where even Boyfriend sports Jakeneutron’s original design in a secret canon ending that ties directly to the lore of the series. The premise hinges on the glitch reaching the Family Guy universe, a show that, despite its adult themes, briefly appeared on Cartoon Network, making its inclusion in this corrupted crossover all the more fitting.