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FNF The Amazing Funk of Gumball

FNF The Amazing Funk of Gumball Credits

Role Contributors
Director mars.
Sprites mars.
Cutscenes mars.
Co-Director ezzy
Composer ezzy, CheeseWithCake, SicTheHedgehog, AnnieWuu, Rundown, katabooz, Fabicholas
Charter ezzy, F0xyt, JavonHappyBoi
Programmer TAUFEI, SpiritualOsu
Animator DisrespectedKlow
Artist ZergeGamer

Jump into the vibrant and whimsical world of Elmore with FNF The Amazing Funk of Gumball, a demo mod that captures the essence and charm of The Amazing World of Gumball. Fans of the show and rhythm game enthusiasts alike will be delighted to see Gumball Watterson returning to his original, uncorrupted self, bringing joy to his brother Darwin Watterson. The demo offers a sneak peek into what promises to be an exciting full version, featuring two tracks that not only pay homage to the beloved TV show but also stand out as bangers in their own right.

In this delightful crossover, Gumball and Darwin find themselves skipping gym class, only to bump into Boyfriend, who has seemingly lost his way and stumbled into Elmore Junior High. What follows is an inevitable series of rhythm battles, where the usual “beep-boop” antics ensue, bringing together characters from two different worlds in a musical showdown. The demo features two songs, Watterson and Aquatic, each offering players the chance to dive into the quirky, fun-filled universe of Gumball and Darwin through the medium of music.