FNF VS Limu – Play Online & Download MOD


FNF VS Limu Credits

Mod Creator Daytimefish
Project Owner FrazeRIP
Programmers Lunar_Suraface – Toast
Charter Bot25
Artists Rabbit’s Foot – Danke – KuronoR – Dfdffish – Violet
Composers Rhodes_W – NaglazYamiZaleD – Red – Sharon

In this mod, you’ll face off against Limu as Boyfriend in the universe of Late Night City Tales, originally created by Daytimefish Studio.
This mod features two types of art: one that resembles anime and the regular BF and GF sprites throughout the entire mod. You’ll battle against Limu, who can turn people into statues like Medusa.

The story follows GF and BF, who were out on a date but got lost in the forest. They stumble upon a strange castle and meet a girl named Limu who wants to trap them in her castle for eternity. She challenges BF and GF to a rap battle to determine their fate.

Starting a new game, you’ll be greeted with a fully custom start menu based on the Late Night City Tales aesthetic. The story is introduced through a cutscene explaining the situation of our protagonists. When selecting the week, you’ll find a custom background with the late-night city theme, along with the controls. As the battle progresses, Limu changes phases, making the challenge even more thrilling.