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Friday Night Dustin'

Friday Night Dustin’ Credits

Role Names
Director, Main Musician, Artist, Animator WassabiSoja
Co-director, Musician MarMqr
Artists, Animators Chuf, AmazeinG666
Animators Cheez101, E-, Troupe Master Sebi, F4ku
Artists Frostic, weedeet, JustFloid, Demo Ash, apricoska art, Samuel Pastel, korean nooby
Musicians david0414, Skie, Madhayter
Charters Fredrick Funny, Forced to
Voices AuxCord

In the demo version of “Friday Night Dustin’,” players face off against several enemies, including the rivals Dusttale Sans and Papyrus. This mod features three songs, animated cutscenes, and spans one week. The full version will include over 20 songs. Additionally, players can access special information about Undertale characters in the pause menu. In this mod, you encounter Dusttale Sans, an alternative timeline where Sans, tired of humans repeatedly killing everyone, embarks on his own genocide route to gain experience and defeat the human. The human, in this case, is Boyfriend, who has been possessed by Chara after falling into the underground while fleeing his girlfriend’s killer.