FNF: The Basement Show (Tom & Jerry)- Play online & Download

FNF: The Basement Show (Tom & Jerry)


Role Names
Director, Main Composer JerryWannaRat
Main Artist RyanNye
Main Coder HLL H-lan
Artists Challson, Ville, Tabi forced a smile, WouldBan, Mr.L, Lazy steamed bread, Casti_FUJIU, CaijiBM, Fly, naiTea, ZCTF, Star1437, hihi pingu, niko-matthew, Porutop
Composers Rhodes_W, Wind, NaglazGYamiZaleD, DOGE122, C-air, Herocomics, The Shipy Sea, Thunder137, Valerange, bb-panzu
Voice Actors Furtherial 95, Dinoblaster, Cevi Chon, Rodrigo The Hedgehog, Phoenix little flying cat, The leon
Animators Dwolf, Socy_fox, O0_0, Surkc
Coders S_H_Metaaaal, Misha, Suicide mouse 51, Suicide mouse 51
Charters Mr 16, Ruoyun, IronTreasure, Lvda, Maxplay_Game, Widen2wo
Triple Trouble Creators FNF Sonic.EXE
D-sides Creators FNF D-Sides

Cartoon enthusiasts and rhythm game aficionados, get ready to step into a darker rendition of a classic rivalry with FNF: The Basement Show, a mod that twists the lighthearted antics of Tom & Jerry into a creepypasta-inspired narrative. This mod, diving deep into the beloved world of cat-and-mouse chase, offers a sinister twist on the tale, presenting remastered sprites and a gripping storyline across three weeks and nine songs, including secret tracks that challenge players to uncover the hidden depths of this newly imagined conflict.

As the story unfolds, you and your girlfriend are on the hunt for the perfect house, only to be lured into a seemingly charming offer by Jerry. The little mouse guides you through his home, leading you to a basement with a discovery so shocking, it reveals the grim reality of Jerry’s world. The horrifying sight of Tom’s lifeless body unveils the true nature of Jerry, pushing you into an intense rap battle to confront the malevolent mouse and his dark secrets. This mod is not just about beats and rhythm; it’s a journey into a twisted version of a story we thought we knew, with animated cutscenes and customized dialogues that draw players deeper into the narrative.