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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Flippy Flipped Out! is a new MOD for FNF that, despite containing the same protagonist as the popular VS Flippy, is a completely different MOD developed by completely different people. This MOD, which for now is in DEMO phase, has already proven to have the capacity to offer us at least the same quality as the first one we saw, or even better.

FNF VS Flippy (Flipped Out)

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For now the FNF Flipped Out DEMO version only offers us one song, but it already allows us to see a small sneak-peak of the great quality of the new inclusions added in the game. The skin of Flippy in this MOD is great, and has very interesting animations (we do not know yet if there will be more versions in the next songs, but hopefully yes). Another of the top quality details that we can already enjoy is the background of the first confrontation and the elements that appear in it. I would dare to say that it is one of the best designed Stages in a MOD today in terms of quality and coherence of the scene.

The song included in this DEMO song already shows us the high difficulty that the Full Week version of the MOD is going to have, since the first song already has a considerable difficulty. In addition, the MOD also has special notes, which are much less visible, and we must be careful not to skip them. More special notes will be added in future updates.

VS Flippy Flipped Out Demo

Overall, FNF VS Flippy: Flipped Out! is a MOD that promises a lot, and we can’t wait to enjoy its Full Week version, which will contain more songs and a lot of surprises that are yet to be announced. It looks very good, and could surpass its predecessor in popularity if it continues to do things right.

Update 0.2 – A new song has been added to the DEMO version, and with each passing day the time for the release of the full version of the MOD draws closer.

New features of VS Flippy (Flipped Out!)

  • New song (in the Full Week version there will be more).
  • New sprites for Flippy and BF.
  • New special notes.
  • New quality background.
  • New menu for Flippy and BF.
  • New start menu.

Download FNF VS Flippy (Flipped Out!) DEMO

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Latest VS Flippy (Flipped Out!) Updates

  • v0.2 – New DEMO with a new song
  • v0.1 – Demo