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FNF With Parappa The Rapper

Friday Night Funkin’ with Parappa The Rapper is a new MOD for FNF that offers a spectacular crossover between the classic Rythm Game “Parappa The Rapper” and FNF. It is undoubtedly the best MOD of Parappa The Rapper, by far, including 3 different confrontations in which we will face VS Master Onion, VS Mooselini and VS Fleaswallow.

With Parappa The Rapper FNF MOD

Although divided into three different weeks (Tutorial, Week 1 and Week 2), FNF With Parappa features a total of 3 different songs, each with its own peculiarities. Each of the songs is adapted to the character that stars in it, highlighting especially the Reagge song of VS Fleaswallow.

The aesthetic part of the MOD is very worked, since each of these confrontations has its own character and a special background (quite worked all). In addition, with FNF With Parappa you can enjoy the Playable Parappa skin to enjoy it in the official weeks of the game, which also includes the vowels (so the clashes change slightly). It also features a new Skin for GF.

FNF With Parappa MOD

Overall, FNF with Parappa is a very complete MOD that easily enters the Top Tier of MODs of the last weeks. The only thing missing in the MOD is some song with higher difficulty charts, which could be added in future updates.

New Features of FNF With Parappa The Rapper FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • 3 new original songs
  • 3 new opponents.
  • 3 new backgrounds.
  • Playable skin for Parappa The Rapper.
  • Skin for Playable Parappa The Rapper.
  • New skin for GF.

Latest updates for FNF With Parappa The Rapper

  • v1.0 – New Tutorial, Week 1 and Week 2.

Download Friday Night Funkin’ With Parappa The Rapper

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