FNF VS Cartoons Tobias/Chowder/Pizza Steve/Robot Jones/Sumo/Courage Dog – Play Online & Download MOD

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FNF VS Cartoons Tobias/Chowder/Pizza Steve/Robot Jones/Sumo/Courage Dog Credits

Role Contributors
Main Artist & Animator HighPoweredArt/Keyz
Chromatic Creator Fidy50
Charter Ruby, Fidy50, fueg0
Coder bbpanzu, JulianMOCs, Stick-Pi, NandoMations
Musician Chowder, FrimpleSchnips, Stick-Pi, Fidy50, Adam N
Sprite Artist LeSlay, Chromatics
Icon Artist Boing Bingus, Stick-Pi, Robot Jones
BG Artist Fidy50, Adam N
Charting Pizza Steve, Fidy50
Art ChillSpace, FrimpleSchnips, Spunky Tunky, Sumo, CitricCinder, Courage
Concepts + Icon Stick-Pi, Sumo
Menu Icons Bookface

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cartoons, a mod that pits Boyfriend (BF) against a lineup of beloved characters from Cartoon Network’s golden era. Directed by the creative mind behind Roastin’ on a Cartoon Cartoon Friday V2, this mod promises a nostalgic yet challenging experience as players take on the role of BF, battling it out in rhythm contests with iconic cartoon characters, with Girlfriend (GF) making an appearance only in the first song. Prepare to face these challenges on very hard difficulty, ensuring each encounter is as intense as it is memorable.

In this animated crossover extravaganza, players will encounter:

  • Tobias from “The Amazing World of Gumball,” who aims to charm your girl away with his melodies.
  • Chowder, locked in a comedic dispute with Bolognese over the last shmorkleberries.
  • Pizza Steve from “Uncle Grandpa,” challenging BF to prove his coolness.
  • Robot Jones from “Whatever Happened to… Robot Jones?” seeking to comprehend human musical tastes with BF’s guidance.
  • Sumo from “Clarence,” in a battle that’s left intriguingly vague.
  • Courage from “Courage the Cowardly Dog,” who must muster all his bravery to stand against BF’s soul-sucking prowess.

Each character brings their unique charm and challenges to the battles, making VS Cartoons a mod that not only tests your rhythm skills but also pulls at the heartstrings of nostalgia. Tobias’ sweet serenades, Chowder’s culinary conflict, Pizza Steve’s coolness contest, Robot Jones’ quest for funk, Sumo’s mysterious challenge, and Courage’s fight for survival against BF’s supposed malevolence weave together to create a vibrant tapestry of cartoon network memories.

The mod takes a lighthearted approach to its narrative, with humorous and sometimes absurd motivations driving the characters’ confrontations with BF. Despite the comedic tone, the description of BF as a soul-sucking monster adds a dark twist to the mod’s storyline, elevating the stakes of each musical duel. Courage’s battle, in particular, stands out for its dramatic framing, casting him as the underdog hero facing off against a formidable opponent.