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FNF VS Big Brother

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Big Brother is a new MOD for FNF in which you will be able to face the big brother of BF, throughout a new complete week for the game. It is a MOD that stands out especially for the new story of it, which is given to us through the different cinematics, which are very well designed.

VS Big Brother FNF MOD

The first week of the MOD contains 3 songs and a bonus song to finish the main story of the MOD. In all of them you can enjoy the unique confrontation between BF VS BB, with the peculiarity that in some song you can take the place of Big Brother and face BF. One of the most remarkable details of the MOD is the aesthetics of Big Brother’s skin, which has been designed to mimic perfectly with the game, as if it were a character of the official version. You can see that it is very well worked, along with other small details such as the change of color in the background buildings every so often.


The new MOD update includes 5 unreleased songs full of quality content, both graphically and musically speaking. We will find incredible content such as new custom backgrounds, the appearance of an antagonist (which brings a high level of difficulty), new skins for all characters (BF, BB and GF), and a lot of new cutscenes with voice dialogues that enrich the story. This new week stands out for the quality in the small details, as the songs are very well remastered. We are in front of a spectacular MOD that was already very good in its first week, but with its second week it has surpassed itself by far, becoming one of the best releases of the week.

New features of VS Big Brother FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • New character: Big Brother
  • 2 New weeks
  • 8 new songs
  • 1 Bonus Song
  • Trick arrows
  • New high quality cinematics
  • New dialogues
  • New background
  • Skins for the characters
  • Personalized start screen

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Latest VS Big Brother updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week version.
  • v2.0 – New Week.