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FNF Rabbit Hole

FNF Rabbit Hole Credits

Category Credits
Key Authors DegODraws, Vtroy
Artist & Director Jerof
Musician Fantasy-girl01, Future sound
Coder Saruky__
Charting Farsy
Special Thanks Trollisuo, Cracsthor, phantomMuff Font

This mod includes several standout tracks such as Sweet Dreams where Woody’s voice ominously shifts, and Shut Up Buzz, which combines humor with the eerie theme. Each song is designed to challenge players’ timing and precision.

In the RABBIT HOLE song, players are treated to a captivating duel between Hatsune Miku and Boyfriend. The gameplay is tightly synced with the music, highlighting specific moments such as Miku and Boyfriend hitting high notes together and Boyfriend’s dynamic pose changes. Each segment of the song is carefully crafted, adding layers of intensity and engagement as the track progresses.

The mod also includes unique elements like a message about the song’s popularity and credits at the beginning, enhancing the community feel. The outro by CommunityGame wraps up the experience, providing a moment to reflect on the performance and the vibrant community surrounding Friday Night Funkin’ mods.