FNF VS FNAF Boned – Play online & Download

The “Boned” mod brings a thrilling crossover between Friday Night Funkin’ and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, featuring a robust lineup of animatronics like Freddy Fazbear, Toy Bonnie, and many more. This fanmade mod incorporates custom sprites and charts for an enhanced gameplay experience.

FNF Goodbye World

FNF VS FNAF Boned Credits

Role Name
Composer SayoNara
Thumbnail Artist SammyDraws

Key Features:

  • Playable Characters: Unlike traditional FNF mods, Boyfriend and Girlfriend are not featured. Instead, players step into the shoes of Markiplier, adding a unique twist to the gameplay.
  • Challenging Gameplay: Designed for very hard difficulty, the mod requires players to use the latest Psych Engine and set arrows to middle scroll to avoid gameplay complications such as seeing enemy notes.

Technical Notes:

  • Optimal Performance: It’s advised to run the game at 120+ FPS due to the numerous events in the mod. If issues arise, such as a persistently black screen, restarting the song typically resolves the problem.
  • Community Support: The creator encourages players to reach out via Discord for any game-breaking bugs or questions.

Developer Insights:

The development of “Boned” was a labor of love, taking more time and involving more events than initially anticipated. The mod highlights a particularly well-crafted song by the underrated artist SayoNara, with pack and thumbnail art by SammyDraws.